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Central Entryway Foam System

In a facility where several entryways require a foam barrier, the Central Entryway Foam System may be the best choice to cover all entryways with a single system.  Reduce maintenance, labor and chemical usage with the Central Entryway Foam System.  The system controls the output of pre-mixed foaming product and air from a single, centrally-located control enclosure.  The air and product are delivered to specially-designed headers that control the flow to the output nozzles.

  • Delivers pre-mixed foaming product and air through separate lines
  • Compressed air and electricity are not required at the entryway
  • Individual cycle timers allow separate time settings to be specified for each entryway

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C4 Entryway Foam System

The C4 Entryway Foam System creates a barrier that prevents introducing microbial contamination to production areas.  This system blends concentrated chemical, water and air to create a foam barrier that will last for up to 30 minutes.  The system requires a standard 120 VAC electrical outlet, compressed air and city-pressure cold water for operation.

  • Blends concentrated product with water and air in the system enclosure
  • Cycle timer maintains foam coverage while system is in operation
  • The chemical concentration is selected by installing the appropriate metering tip (package included)