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W-25 Asphalt Release Spray All

Spray pattern allows quick, complete coverage of the truck bed for effective cleaning. Draws asphalt release agent directly from original shipping containers.

  • Choice of two water flow rates
  • Machined polypropylene injector
  • Compact Uni-Body design
  • Manual on/off ball valve
  • Color-coded metering tips for up to 21 dilution ratios
  • Water flow rates @ 40 PSI: 1.3 gpm


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A-50 Airless Foamer Complete

Low pressure airless foamer that does not require compressed air, reducing cost and equipment adjustment issues. Foam is created instantly by the venturi airless foam wand. Choice of two flow rates provides for quick area coverage for small or large applications.

  • Foam throw distance of 10 ft. (increased water pressure will increase foam throw)
  • Stainless steel base with hinged cover
  • Machined polypropylene injector body and check valve
  • Color-coded metering tips for up to 21 dilution ratios
  • Includes discharge hose, ball valve and machined polypropylene airless foam wand


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Uni-Body WR-2 Spray All w/QDs

This system lets you apply chemical as spray or airless foam, rinse, then sanitize – from the same unit. Garden hose fitting (right or left side) for easy installation.

  • Machined from solid polypropylene
  • 20 color-coded metering tips
  • SmartWand™: Dual use spray / airless foam wand
  • Compact and lightweight for easy handling and comfort


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Model 481 Foamer

Requires only normal tap water pressure to sufficiently mix the right amount of detergent to produce a foaming cleaner. Simply disconnect the quick disconnect coupling on the pistol grip spray gun to follow foam with a clear water rinses.

  • Change dilution ratios by using individual metering tips (included)
  • All brass or rugged molded polypropylene construction and fittings
  • Rubber-screened end cap produces extra thick foam when used on end of foamer discharge barrel