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1035 Sanitize / Rinse / Foam Complete

1035 Sanitize / Rinse / Ultimate Foam Hose Drop Station
(Wall Mount / Compressed Air Required) – 35 to 125 PSI Water

These drop stations are convenient combination systems that will apply one chemical as foam and a second chemical as a sanitizing spray, and rinse. Can be plumbed in series.

Systems include:

  • Machined polypropylene sanitizer and foamer bodies
  • Stainless steel mounting enclosure and stainless steel ball valves
  • Air regulator
  • Color-coded metering tips for up to 21 dilution ratios
  • Two discharge hose assemblies:
    Sanitize/Foam: Hose with quick disconnects, stainless steel ball valve, foam wand and matching fan nozzle 
    Rinse: Hose with stainless steel ball valve and Zep’s powerful 4-hole stainless steel rinse nozzle 
  • Provides the dilution ratios required for no-rinse applications in food plants
  • Ultimate Foamers will foam harder-to-foam chemicals, performing well with marginal water pressure
  • Quick disconnects allow one hose to be used for foaming and sanitizing
  • Foam throw of up to 12 feet, covering up to 500 square feet (46.5 square meters) in under 2 minutes


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Cleaning System II

An automatic, three-valve dispensing unit specifically for use in the Zep S.O.S. Plus program to clean, rinse, and sanitize room and equipment surfaces. Designed to meet the needs of the food industry, the Zep Cleaning System II features a stainless steel case, three one-quarter turn ball valves and two in-line injectors, and can be operated with hot or cold water. Color-coded metering tips control detergent and sanitizer dilutions. The center valve produces a clear water rinse.

  • Unit must have at least 4 gallons per minute of water supply
  • 35 to 125 psi pressure
  • This package does not include a discharge hose or gun. Please order the Accessory Kit listed below
  • Use with product code F07401 and F07501